Parent Testimonials

"My 2 daughters attended Carmel Montessori for a combined 5 1/2 years. During that time, my girls enjoyed the variety of activities and projects they could work on. No day was ever the same and the range of subjects they covered was wonderful. I credit Carmel Montessori with helping my girls to seamlessly transition to elementary school and both test into advanced reading and math levels. While we look back at our experience there fondly, we plan to still stay in touch and visit Ruditoonz shows whenever we can! Thank you for the memories!!!" -Chris L.

"This is my family's seventh consecutive year with CMS (3 daughters). My final daughter's "graduation" this spring will bittersweet, as Miss Emily, Rudi, and the rest of the staff have become like family to us. The highly productive learning environment has taught all three of my daughters to develop their own individual strengths and encouraged a fierce independence in each of them. They particularly enjoyed celebrating their birthdays each year, sharing their Timelines with their friends, and singing with Rudi." - Michaela R.

"My daughter has blossomed both academically and socially while a Kindergartener at Carmel Montessori.   She has received individualized instruction that has allowed her to excel in her strength areas and work more slowly on those subjects that do not come naturally. She is reading chapter books and working on multiplication problems as a six year old. My daughter tells me every day, 'I love my school!' -DeAnna M.

"We've seen our 4 year old daughter blossom at Carmel Montessori School. She is actively exploring language, geography, math and science and is thrilled with her daily successes. We could not be happier."  -Kris W.

"We have two children currently enrolled at Carmel Montessori and we could not be happier. We did extensive research and even tried out other schools prior to landing on Carmel Montessori. Our only regret is that we didn't start here sooner. Ms. Emily and her team are helping our children reach their full potential.  They are being challenged in a warm approachable environment. The skills they are learning extend far beyond the typical classroom. Our hope for our children is to make their first experience with formalized (outside of the home) education a positive one. We feel that this foundation is so very important to set them on the right path moving forward. The positive experience they are having at Carmel Montessori is setting the correct tone for their future." -Martha V.

"This is our daughters second year in CMS. With the love from all the staff, she's not only learning the daily basics or ABCs but also building up the confidence. It's always a joyful moment for us seeing her, with a BIG CONFIDENT SMILE, explaining all the works she did from school. She loves moveable alphabets, map pin-poking and geography (the continents song!!!) a lot!" -Su R.

"Our son loves Carmel Montessori School. He is thriving in the school environment and learning by leaps and bounds every day. He really enjoys his teachers and his classmates and talks daily about what he learned and the fun he had. The school is very communicative with the parents and we our sending our second son to Carmel Montessori School as soon as he's old enough!" -Kevin R.

"Our son attended CMS for Preschool/Pre-K. It has been a positive place for him to explore, both socially and academically. He loves learning new things and looks forward to school every morning!" -Chelsea P.

"We cannot say enough good things about Miss Emily, Rudi and their school! Our daughter attended Carmel Montessori for three years. During her time at CMS she blossomed into into a happy, compassionate, independent and helpful child, with a wonderful excitement for learning. Some of her favorite works were pin-poking her maps, learning about different countries and cultures, learning how to read and of course the weekly visits from Rudi with his guitar! We loved being a part of the CMS family, and our son will be starting his three years this fall!" -Veronique S.

"We have been CMS parents for almost two years now and we could not be happier. Ms. Emily and her staff have been able to bring out our daughter's strenghts and talents (she is quite the artist) while, at the same time working on her not so strong points. She is now a happy and confident 5 year old who is very good at focusing on attention requiring tasks and following directions when needed but also at thinking outside the box and asserting her point of view when appropriate. Our youngest son has just started to attend CMS and we can already see how he is becoming less self-centered and more sociable every day." -Ilaria C

Carmel Montessori School is a full member school of the American Montessori Society.

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